hoping for lemons

Remember the variegated pink lemon tree I picked up last fall? And the itty-bitty lemon (yes, singular) it had, but never ripened?

Well, I have higher hopes for it this year. They might be slightly unfounded… but a girl has got to have hope for her lemons, right?

The tree had been hanging out in my kitchen all winter and most of the spring, but it is outside now… and actually looking pretty good!

There are some itty bitty flower buds…


Some lovely new leaf growth…


Beautiful and fragrant blossoms…


And even what look to be the start of baby lemons!


The tops of the tree are still naked (and have been since I first brought it home) but I am holding onto hope that those dark little areas are the starts of new leaves.


As long as these guys keep coming to visit…


I just might get some lemons this year!



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