they have antiques in Canada, too!

We passed by this amazing building on our way to see the Toller puppies


Oldish, barn-like building full of antiques in another country? Oh yes, it’s a necessary pit-stop.

I knew it was going to be good when I spotted an awesome rocker at the entrance, a great old barrel, and we were greeted by a little pup… wish I could remember his name. B-something. Barnaby? Bernie?

The Antique Emporium was one of my favorite types–lots of different vendors with a large variety of items. Some had piles of things that you had to sift through (the best!) and others had fancy antique tables all set up with China and crystal. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of creepy-items, though…

I didn’t take in my “nice” camera, but I managed to snap a few photos with my phone of some of the items that caught my eye. (Sorry for the crummy quality!)


I LOVED this piece. Seriously. If the car wasn’t already packed to the gills with dogs… and if it wasn’t nearly $3K, it would be in my house right now. I think the tag said it was from the 1890’s–but I’m probably way off on that.


Maybe I can figure out a way to build it myself? Hmm…

I also loved these colorful canisters! They don’t really fit with the vibe in my house so I left them there for someone else to fall in love with. If they were more yellow and less orange they would be mine.


The duck with the yellow/golden eye creeped me out.


Guess how much this Coca-Cola box was going for:


$69! (Canadian) Yikes, no thanks.

A Pyrex teapot… yes, I am obsessed. But no, I didn’t buy it. I’m trying to be good! I’d never seen a Pyrex teapot before.


Some sort of trap… probably for crab or lobster?


Loved this table! And lots of goodies under and on it!


The one thing I wish I had purchased: this little glass pitcher, perfect for orange juice. But I walked away.


Yup, I didn’t buy a single thing! There was also a really neat tea-ball type thing that tempted me, but for $15 it was pretty easy to leave it behind. Oh, and an autographed photo of Pierce Brosnan from Goldeneye… amazing.

The Antique Emporium did not disappoint. If you happen to be driving through Chemainus on Vancouver Island, British Colombia… it’s worth a visit.