mini photo walk

I take a good amount of photos… but I still feel like I don’t take enough. I rarely go out just to take photos. Most of the time I shoot with a purpose– to share a project, document some event, capture the ridiculousness of my critters, etc.

I want to take make the time to go out with my camera just to shoot. I can’t improve without practicing!


When I wander about, I like to spend time looking up…


… and also get low to capture what might otherwise be missed by my feet…


This time I had some help looking for things to aim my camera at. “Stand here, shoot there!”



He’s also a great nature guide.


I would have called this a neat variegated green plant:


But it’s actually a Rattlesnake Plantain.

Love it.

(We walked around the Kitsap Memorial State Park snapping photos of whatever caught our interest… the same evening I snapped photos of the awesome weather I posted about last week!)


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  1. We take “photo road trips” around town every once in awhile. Love them! We get some great photos, but more than that…more memories of time shared. : )

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