one and still crazy

Not all that long ago my sister send me a text.

“you want an orange kitty?”

And for some reason I still can’t quite figure out… I said yes.

So I met her at my parents’ house and picked up a teeny, tiny 3-week old lump of orange fur that I decided to name “Louie”. (Also known as “Phillip” or “Cat.”)

He was so young (much too young to have left his mother) that I had to give him kitten formula. He liked it. And he grew.

Baby Louie

He slept a lot.

Sleepy Louie

And when he wasn’t sleeping, he was attacking Taylor.

Louie Attack!

But quickly went back to sleeping.

Zonked Louie

He discovered the toilet…

Post-Toilet Louie

… and Christmas lights…


… the joys of tissue paper…


… and boxes of all shapes and sizes.


Now he’s over a year old. I’m not sure when he was actually born… but he’s probably around 15 months now.

When I first took him into the vet at about 4 weeks old he weighed .2 pounds or something crazy like that. Maybe .6? Anyway, it wasn’t much. Now he weighs in at a whopping 10.6 pounds! No wonder it hurts when he steps on my chest…

He’s still crazy, still a terror kitty, still likes to attack Taylor… but he’s still pretty cute.



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  1. You are a great Mom to all your pets. They are lucky to have you. Luv all the pics as always. Take Care

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