rain and candles

I forgot how much I love having lit candles in the house (while I’m in the room with them, of course… the cat gets a little too curious about the flickering).

Pair them with the sound of a summer-ish rain, a cozy blanket, a yummy drink and a good book…

Makes for a pretty great evening.

(Even though I was slightly concerned about having weird dreams after reading the first couple of short stories in Stories… they are rather dark.)

I am constantly going… thinking about what I need to do next, what needs to get done, what projects I can start, what events are coming up, when I can see people next, and so on… I forget how nice it is to just stop. Turn off the TV, music, and phone… and just listen. Be still (physically and mentally), without berating myself over things I should be doing instead.

It isn’t easy for me… but so very worth it!

Now if only I can get myself to do it more than once every 6 months…


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