I had three “meet-ups” with friends over the weekend.

The first was with some girlfriends to discuss our upcoming adventure to California for another friend’s wedding (and just an excuse to have a great dinner with great people).


Then I met up with my buddy, Nathan. Nathan and I were RA’s together at Western. We met up last October at the Olympia Farmers’ Market and we decided to meet in Olympia again… it’s a perfect central location for us.


I got to the park a bit before Nathan and his roommate (with their two pups) so I got to spend some time wandering around, snapping photos of whatever caught my eye. When we planned our get-together in Olympia I had no clue that it was also Lakefair weekend… which meant LOTS of people and next-to-no parking. Thankfully Marathon Park was a little beyond the center of all the hubbub so I could breathe and park without much difficulty.


I saw flowers.



And an otter! He was snacking on something tasty… and smacking with his mouth open. No manners. (I saw a garter snake, too, but he was too quick for my little camera.)


And a great view of the fair festivities on the other side of the lake.


We walked from Marathon Park on Capitol Lake down to the Tumwater Historical Park. The trail was paved the whole way and pretty nice… despite the clouds of gnats, stagnant smelly water, and overcast, drizzly skies.



I got to see lots of ducks!



We finished our visit with a great late lunch at Anthony’s… seriously amazing Happy Hour! Oysters, calamari, and a delish Lemon Drop for $15… yes, please!


After a great afternoon with Nathan I headed a little north to meet with another WWU-buddy, Matt. I hadn’t seen Matt in about two years! But it was just like old times… lots of laughs, making the hours fly by. He and his wife are moving back to Seattle next summer so I am looking forward to finally meeting her and spending more time with them both!

There are a lot of things I could have been doing around the house… but spending time with my friends (whether I get to see them once every two weeks or only once every few years) was the right choice to make. It put my mind and heart in a good place.