why wait

I keep waiting for summer to make an appearance so I can go out and do summery fun things… but I then I realized that while I am waiting, summer (and time in general) is slipping past me. Really, why do I need to wait for 70+ degree weather to do what I want to do? Rain, grey skies, and dampness shouldn’t deter me… I don’t melt. (Ok, so I DO need somewhat dry weather to mow my grass, but I’m talking about FUN things here, not ugh-not-again things.)

With all that in mind… I decided to make a list. (I like lists.) A list of things I want to do this summer, rain or shine.

1. Road trip to CA. I admit… I’m cheating with this one a bit. It’s already in the works–it’s happening. Five women crammed into a Camry to drive to California? Oh yes, fun will be had. (Oh, and we’re going to a wedding. Keep forgetting that piece. ;) )

2. Sight-seeing in Banff. Again, I’m cheating. (I have to put some things on here I know I’ll be able to cross off!) Mom and I are driving up to Canada and will be passing through Banff National Park. I’ve heard amazing things about its beauty… I expect to take a ridiculous amount of photos. Can’t wait!

3. Go puddle jumping. It has been too long since I have embraced my 8-year-old side.

4. Go on a picnic. I don’t know the last time I’ve been on a picnic… one complete with picnic blanket and strawberries. Picnic basket optional. I’m not sure why strawberries seem essential to me… maybe because they scream “SUMMER.”

5. Visit the coast. Washington or Oregon, I don’t care. I haven’t been to the Oregon coast in ages, though… and I do love its ruggedness. Somewhere with tidal pools!

Larabee Sunset with Friends

6. Spend some time in Bellingham. I haven’t visited my college town in way too long… this needs to change. Even if for just a day. Larabee, Mallard’s, Fairhaven, Boomer’s, Wasabee, Boulevard… they all call to me.

7. Plant some flowers. I am assuming my retaining wall project will get done (it’s a little too much like work to include in this list) and I would love to finally add some plants/flowers to that garden area. It would make me happy.

8. Visit Mt. Rainier. Prettiness.


9. Explore local parks and beaches.

10. Get my hair cut by a pro. I should treat myself. (I’ve been trimming it myself… haven’t had a “real” haircut since last October-ish!)

11. Visit people. I have friends on the other side of the water (Seattle) that I haven’t seen in far too long… And people closer that I don’t get to see enough.


12. Pick berries. I want to find some u-pick places around here… then make and can some jam! Yum.

13. Go fishing/shrimping. I haven’t been in (yikes) at least two years. Shameful. (Tow-netting for work last summer doesn’t count… but it was tons of fun!)


14. More photo-walks. I love going out just to take photos… like the mini-photo walk I went on a few weeks ago. More, please!

15. Visit Port Townsend. Because I wanna. Maybe for the wooden boat festival?

So who wants to join me?? Let’s go out and enjoy this springsummerfall (sprummerall?) season thing!

7 responses to “why wait

  1. You better be remembering that you are coming to California for a wedding! :-)

    And you should get your hair cut by a pro before the wedding so that you look super hot in Lodi. Cutting it yourself, although frugal, is kinda spinster-ish, which you certainly are not!

    Finally, another reason to go to Port Townsend of for their brewery, yum!

    • I am ridiculously excited for your wedding, John! There’s no real way I could forget. :) I’m trying to figure out if I have time for a haircut before the big day… gotta look fab for the feet pics!

  2. road trip to cali…reminds me of the sweetest thing..have you seen that movie? all these things sound amazing….i really want to make homemade jam too with sweet homemade labels and give them as gifts!

    • GENIUS!! We should make a day of it with the ladies!! Photo-walk + berries + ladies + jam + cocktails… I can’t wait!

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