retail therapy

Some girls buy fancy shoes to make themselves feel better.

Not me. (Ok, maybe sometimes.)

I go to antiquing/thrifting… this time my destination was Goodwill.

It had been too long… I’ve been trying to be good and not go in without a project or purpose in mind. It’s been rough.

This trip’s “purpose” was to find items to make a wind chime, inspired by this image I found on Pinterest:


And I was somewhat successful! I didn’t have time to sift through the tools (plus there were too many people around) but I did find some sweet silverware pieces that I’m thinking I could wind wire around to string up. Maybe even hammer them flat and embellish them somehow.



I also picked up a matched pair of little serving utensils (not pictured), some measuring spoons, and a couple of tea things… either to use as-is or maybe to add to the wind chime.



And another milk glass piece… this time a shallow bowl/plate thing. I was sad to find a chip in the corner when I got home, but oh well. It was only $1.50 after the 50% off discount… so I still like it.


But my favorite finds were these sweet juice glasses with little blue flowers and brown “wheat” sprigs:


LOVE them. I could only find three at Goodwill, but I will be keeping a look-out for more. (I’ve tried to find more online but I’ve only been able to find shorter glasses, not the taller ones like mine.)