diy photo display inspiration

I want to do this. I love the rustic look and that it would be super easy to switch out photos wherenever I wanted. Maybe I could keep a box of photos nearby so I could switch it up? And I could include notes on the back about the photo. We have so many family photos but no idea who’s in them or what is going on.

I’ve lived in my house for nearly 2 years now (yikes!) so I figure it’s about time I get some more stuff up on my walls. My bedroom walls are still blank (although at least now they’re painted!) and the few frames I have up in my living room still have “place-holder” things in them. Slacker.

I have a bunch of frames I bought at Goodwill awhile back that I want to use for a gallery-wall in my bedroom… but it is so difficult deciding how to arrange them! I like the square-ish arrangement…

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


But I also like the more relaxed, random arrangement style (with other random items, not just frames).


I’ve tried arranging them on my floor to get a visual, but it’s still very much a work-in-progress. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon–I’m itching to get them up! The great thing is that I can change it if I get it up and don’t like it… and keep browsing Pinterest for more inspiration! (Seriously, I’m addicted.)

I’m also loving the owl clock in the photo above… and the shotgun isn’t a bad touch, either. ;)