me time

Tonight is the first night in weeks that I don’t have any plans… no meetings, no road trips, no weddings.

And I am so excited! A night to myself to finally catch up on things. There’s a ton I want/need to do and I want to do it all–but that’s not realistic.

I definitely need groceries. I pride myself in being able to make a meal out of almost nothing… but my fridge hasn’t been this empty since I moved in. Even I can’t do much with soy milk, cheese, and salsa. First on the list: food.

I am actually looking forward (for once) to mowing my grass. The so-called “lawn” around my house is more like a jungle of dandelions that got out of control while I was away in Calgary and then California. It mocks me every time I pull into my driveway. Tonight I hope to tame it.

I am looking forward to cleaning my house, too. Top to bottom. There’s no way I’ll do it all tonight but I hope to get a good start. I want to use some new tricks I discovered (like grapefruit and salt to clean bathtubs!) and just get it to an organized state that makes me smile instead of cringe. (It’s really not that bad… I just haven’t quite recovered or completely unpacked from my back-to-back road trips yet and it’s bugging me.)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


Once I do enough to satisfy my inner clean freak, I’ll settle down with a cup of tea and watch my most recent Netflix DVD (Iron Man) or maybe I’ll watch Pride & Prejudice instead. (Super hero/action or ultimate chick saga??)

It must be a sign that I am (close to being) an adult… I am excited to get home so I can be domestic. Whip my home into shape. Bake something.

That, or I’m just weird.