what the what

What happens when four adult women cram into a Toyota Camry and drive from Port Orchard, WA to Lodi, CA?

Lots of laughing, mis-read signs (“Mochas Granitas” instead of “Muchos Gracias” when we were looking for caffeine, and “land of fuel haters” instead of “land of pure water” when we were looking for a gas station… funny how the mind works), ridiculous conversations, and overall good times.

The featured event of the road trip was, of course, John and Tina’s beautiful wedding (which we preceded with an awesome wine tasting outing).

We danced, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company.







We were down to four women on the trip home (Liz was headed to San Diego) and took two days to make the trip instead of a single crazy night of driving like we did on the way down. We got to see Jessica’s hometown of Tenmile (she wasn’t exaggerating about its smallness), the pretty countryside that we missed while driving in the dark…


And we stalked a tour bus! We didn’t know who was in the bus… but we were sneaky. We started conversation over the ginormous tiger (I got excited because we wanted to find a tiger on the trip ala The Hangover)…




And found out that it was the family of the drummer from Phish. (Not Fish, as Holli pointed out to me. I’m terrible with band names.) The drummer wasn’t on the bus with them, but it was still pretty cool.

It was a great trip! I was exhausted and so glad to get home… but I am very grateful for the time I got to spend with the ladies! And that we got to go to John and Tina’s wedding!

These are the times that memories are made of. I cherish them all.


(Yes, we bought matching bracelets. We’re just that awesome. I had “cutie pie,” Liz had “LOL,” Holli had “fabulous,” Jess had “future prom queen,” and Crystal had “princess.”)