i love my home

I can’t believe I’ve been a homeowner for 2 years now (tomorrow). Yikes!

All of the crazy stress and doubts and house hunting leading up to finding my home were well worth it in the end. I have a home that I love. It might not be my forever-home, but it is a perfect right-now-home.

Granted, there are still things I want to do… but I love projects, so it’s almost more for fun than for a true need (although I hope some of the things I want to do will add function, like my built-in bookcases and window seat for my master bedroom).

I love looking into my kitchen from my living room (especially when it’s clean!) to see my lovely kitchen island, topped with a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas from my parents’ garden.



I even love the stacks of books on the side table in my living room (this is why I need bookcases!).


I love them even more now that I finally have some art on the wall above it.


I love the random odds-and-ends stored on the shelf of my coffee table. I like to think that it is a great visual example of some of my eclectic collection of interests and hobbies… lots of tools (there’s two tool sets underneath the table, too), a box of Sunset and Bon Appetit magazines, a box of knitting projects, and the handbook from the pistols course I took in July.


Plus the candles in tea tins on top of the coffee table, Mexican tiles-turned-coasters from Loreto, and a small ceramic box I painted in Bellingham.


I love my collection of bottles I use as a privacy screen (really, I don’t drink THAT much wine!)…


I love my growing collection of white glass bowls and the little display on top of my fridge…


I love my work-in-progress laundry room (it’s not very big and I keep changing how I organize things… I’m still looking for the perfect and most functional arrangement!). I still want to make a drying rack and possibly paint. I’ve also thought about adding “fronts” to the cabinet doors so it’s not so obvious that they’re compressed boards.

I love the blue-gray walls of my master bedroom, the furniture I want to re-finish, and knowing that eventually I’ll have amazing built-in bookcases and a window seat.


I even love my disaster of an office. It’s still a catch-all for the many odds-and ends that still haven’t found a place… after 2 years. (I’m thinking that I should put tackling that room towards the top of my to-do list…)

There are many other things I love about my home (even the silly small things, like my white doorbell that I installed awhile ago, and my blueberries!)… but this is a good place to stop… for now. :)


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