Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall

No road trip is complete without at least one stop at an antique/thrift store… and it doesn’t get much better than the Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall.

The first floor is full of fruit, wine, and other goodies.

The second and third floors are packed full of antiques and potential finds. This is my kind of place!


This was our last real stop of the great Calgary-road trip adventure… so I was beat. But still excited to hunt through the vendor spaces! I didn’t buy anything, but I saw a LOT of things that I liked. I figured that since I couldn’t think of anything I had to take home with me when I finished, it wasn’t meant to be. (Although I think the exhaustion had a great deal to do with it since there are a few things kinda wish I had splurged on. Oh well.)

They had a lot of variety, which I love in an antique store. Like old fire extinguishers! So cool!


An old coal miner’s bucket that the tag claims is “really from Roslyn.”


Great trunks and suitcases…


Vintage fashion pieces… I was still in the market for wedding attire so I briefly considered this look:


I think the dress I ended up with was much better. ;)

I loved, LOVED these juice glasses in their little carrying case.


Especially this one with the blue flowers:


But I couldn’t bring myself to buy them at $29. I seriously considered it. Some of the glasses were pretty faded and not in the greatest condition. I saw some other juice glasses from the ’40s that were much more vibrant… but also $7 a glass. (I think I have a thing for juice glasses ever since I found my blue flower and brown wheat sprig ones.)

This great settee… I think it was around $100. I really can’t remember. But it seemed reasonable. I’ve always wanted to refurbish something like this for my bedroom. It’s probably a good thing that our suburban was already packed to the gills otherwise this might have come home with me on a whim. I love the shape!


I saw lots of vintage tin canisters and bread boxes. I was tempted by a few of them… but when I couldn’t decide exactly how or where I would use them, I knew I had to leave them there.


An amazing old fan (that worked), fishing reels, and faucet handle things.


A weird white cat… I wonder if it is actually based off of someone’s beloved pet? If so… creepy.


A Sunkist reamer… guess how much it costs. (When I saw it I expected $20ish.)


FIFTY DOLLARS! No way. I like to buy things that I can use… for $50 it would be up on a shelf never to be touched. My goodness. But according to the tag I would be getting a deal… books say that it can go for $90.


But this cool Prohibition tea/spirits pot was only $45.


I didn’t find too many weird or bizarre items (except for some of the prices)… this carved limb was the best I could find… and they actually wanted money for it ($35?).


They had even more kitchen items, Western-themed things, lots of glass, furniture, more clothes, tools, books, and the list goes on. Really, some of everything. I hear that the turn-around is pretty good, too. Which is great if you want to go back to find new things, but not so great if you want to go back for a specific item you found on a previous trip. Like juice glasses.

Definitely a place to revisit, and easily done as a day-trip from the Kitsap County area (maybe hitting up some other antique stores along the way?).

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