year two of homeowner-ness: the changes

As of August 27, I have two full years of being a homeowner under my belt. Last year I wrote a post documenting some of the projects I completed in my first year… so I figured I should do the same for year-two! (I also wrote about the lessons learned during my first year, most of which still apply to year-two.)

Without further ado… here’s (most of) what went down this past year in my lil’ home:

I made a simple piece of tea inspired art for my kitchen.


I got a new-to-me light fixture for my kitchen. (I still want to paint it. Eventually.)

I got a new dining table! (On clearance, of course.)


I got some awesome window-mirrors! (I still love them.)

I made some lovely yarn wreaths as a part of the NewlyWoodwards’ “Dare to DIY” challenge. (And it the post was featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed page!)


I made my own calendar for 2011. (And I plan to do it again for 2012!)

I painted my filing cabinet… it made a huge difference!


I did a bit of painting with watercolors and made myself some free art!

I built a kitchen island. Yeah, no biggie.


I planted bulbs! Crocuses, tulips, and hyacinths. Love.


I experienced a frozen well/ frozen pipes for the first time. No fun.

I made and canned chicken stock for the first time ever.


I bought some pottery pots, herbs, and replanted my lemon tree!

I re-covered a chair I picked up at Goodwill.


I painted my master bedroom!


I got a copper bird feeder so I can do some bird watching from my front step.

I made plans for my hill-garden. (It’s getting there… slowly.)

I found baby bunnies… then they went away.

Throw in some weddings, adventures, lots of thrifting/antiquing and good times… my second year as a homeowner was quite packed! (It’s easy to forget or not even realize how much I did or how much has happened over the last year.)

Bring on year three!


2 responses to “year two of homeowner-ness: the changes

  1. I love to see all the changes! I missed a few along the way. I love the bedroom color, and I totally love that re-covered chair. And I totally miss Sarah!

    • My bedroom and that chair are a couple of my favorite projects… I keep looking out for another chair to re-do, but my house is only so big! And I miss YOU! I can’t wait to meet your little man!

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