year two of homeowner-ness: the lessons

Year two of being a homeowner didn’t bring many new, profound lessons with it like my first year of homeownership did.

  • I thought I was capable then, but I am even more capable now. Hopefully that pattern will continue as I keep trying and learning new skills throughout my life (in home-related things as well as in other areas in my life).
  • I still do a lot on my own and get lots of help and advice from family and friends.
  • Finding a good deal has become a fun hobby of mine. My love of finding (or building) pieces of furniture has only increased over the last year and I don’t see it ending any time soon!

However, I have learned to be more content this past year. Appreciate what I have for how it is today. I can sit in my home with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and just smile and enjoy it all.


Yes, I want to make changes, but only for more function (built-ins!) and because I enjoy having projects.

Somewhere, somehow, my house became my home this past year. It’s not exactly a “lesson learned,” but still a very important development.

I am home. I am content.