The Beauty of Lake Louise


I saw that a friend of mine (via Facebook, of course) recently went to Banff National Park with her husband and some friends. Since I knew we’d be going through the park on our way to Calgary for the Specialty and working tests, I asked her where she recommended that we stop on our way. Her top two places were Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

We initially planned to stop on our way to Calgary but our car issues put us behind schedule and we went through in the dark. Not so much fun. After talking to some friends at the show and hearing about how amazing it really is, we decided to back-track back into Banff and stop at least at Lake Louise… it is my middle name after all. That’s got to mean something.

But before we could get to the lake we had to sit in long lines to get our park pass… something we would have tried to do in advance if we had known about it.


The kiosk lady was super nice and we got a very informative newsletter pamphlet thing about the parks in the area. Totally worth the $20. Well, maybe not… but Lake Louise definitely was.

Monday (the day we were there) was a Canadian holiday, plus it was still summer and a gorgeous day. What does that mean? Everyone was out in the parks. Ohmygoodness. If I didn’t want to see the lake so bad (and if we hadn’t just driven out of our way and bought a pass) I would have said that we should just move on. But no.

We couldn’t find a parking spot… so my mom, awesome as she is, dropped me off near the path to the lake and went to cruise the parking lot for 45 minutes so I could get some photos.


I did my best to get photos that didn’t have mobs of people in them. It was challenging… but made looking for photo opportunities more interesting.


The water was breathtaking. Just gorgeous. Photos really don’t do it justice. (The mountain background isn’t too shabby, either.)



There’s a boardwalk around part of the lake with benches on one side and rocks on the water’s edge.




At one end of the boardwalk there’s a little building where you can rent canoes… apparently a very popular activity at Lake Louise.





If I were to go back again I would love to go out on a canoe… it would be a great chance to get a different perspective of the lake, mountain, and the resort!

The resort sits back from the boardwalk with gardens full of blooming poppies between it and the water.




And other flowers, too. (And mobs of people in the background.)



I took the photo above by kneeling down until I couldn’t see all the people beyond the flowers. Once I finished, I stood up to walk away–then glanced back to see three guys doing what I had been doing. Such a trend setter. It made me smile.


I could have spent all day at Lake Louise, and I wish we had had time to check out some of the trails in the area as well as Moraine Lake! Next time… for sure. Because I will be going back.

(If you know me at all you have probably guessed that these aren’t all of the photos I took at Lake Louise. If you click on any of them it will take you to my Flickr account where you can see the rest.)


4 responses to “The Beauty of Lake Louise

  1. Nice photos from what looks like a great trip. I especially like the photo you took kneeling down. Great composition!! Good to be a trend setter!!

    • Thanks!! It was an amazing trip, but definitely too short. I could spend weeks exploring Banff and the other national parks of Canada! I can’t wait to go back.

    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoy them! It’s hard not to get nice photos when visiting such a beautiful place!

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