Point No Point

Point No Point Park and Lighthouse is probably one of my favorite places on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Point No Point Park

It doesn’t hurt that it is so close to where I work, making it an easy field destination for one of our projects.

A crazy fog bank was sitting off the beach on this particular visit. The fog almost looks like smoke around the house above and it was so thick it was hard to make out all of the boats on the water. (It was even thicker than in the photo below when we first arrived!)

Foggy Fishing off of Point No Point

It didn’t take long to clear up.

Point No Point Park

We had great views to the southeast, towards Mt. Rainier and Seattle…

Driftwood Monster at Point No Point Park

Point No Point Park

And to the Cascades…

Point No Point Park

Point No Point Park

And northeast towards Mt. Baker…

Mt Baker from Point No Point

Point No Point Park

I could spend all day out there.


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    • Thanks! I have a feeling I’ll keep coming back to these photos as the days continue to get shorter and the clouds keep sticking around for longer periods of time.

  1. Did you find the trail up the hill?? I haven’t walked much of it… I keep wondering where it goes.

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