Antique Mall at Cashmere

Mom and I went to the Wenatchee Kennel Club dog show a few weekends ago. We entered Sunny and Rina, spent some time with some of our Toller-family (more on that later), and got overloaded at a couple of antique stores.

The Antique Mall at Cashmere was a great stop. A good sized antique mall, lots of variety and great displays, but not too crazy. I found a lot of interesting items…

Cashmere is all about the apples and pears (and aplets and cotlets!) so it should be no surprise that they had a surplus of apple boxes. These babies were only $6!

I am still considering how to tackle my trunk project so I had to take photos of many that I saw for design ideas. At least, that’s my excuse.

I wouldn’t have known what this was without the label… hehe.

Awesome, awesome sun dial.

I’ve never seen so many old phones before! And some were super expensive! Makes me wonder what random items I should be preserving in case they are worth a small fortune in 50 years.

Scrabble signs are all the rage… apparently. I wonder if they work? (They didn’t work on me.)

There was an entire vendor space full of old radios, large and small! It was like a little museum.

The creepy winner of the day:

I still love glasses. These ones reminded me of Sara.

And so did these rustic chicken signs.

But this wreath made me think of Nat!

I also still love milk glass. These mugs with the cornflower design were $10 each. I saw others at the same price, but the flowers were faded. Then I find a single mug in a different space, in good condition, for only $3.50. I didn’t get it, but it just shows why it’s good to look around and compare. (Can you read the price on that bowl in the back? $97! Apparently it’s “rare.”)


Funny find of the day…

There were also lots of old books, a whole area of furniture and outdoor goodies that I didn’t even look at on the other side of the store (I forgot there was more to see!)… I guess that just means I’ll have to go back one of these days! (Road trip anyone?)


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