a very important day

Today is a very important day.

If it weren’t for this day 27 years ago, and again a few years more before that… I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact, I wouldn’t even exist.

27 years ago my dear friend Liz was born. If it wasn’t for her… I probably wouldn’t have attended Western where I fell in love with maps and realized I could do something with what I love. Without Liz in my life, orchestra wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable (or giggle worthy). I wouldn’t have nearly as much laughter in my life–and laughter is so important. I’ve heard it prolongs life. If that is the case, Liz and I will grow to be 120 together. (Her hubby can hang out with us, too, if he’s still around at 120+.)

Feet Swingin'

But a true friend, such as Liz is, isn’t just there for the good times. They stick by you through the rough times, too. She’ll even go on adventures to places she’s not interested in just to spend time together. I am so very lucky to have Liz, my lobster, my friend, in my life. Where would Luigi be without Mario? I don’t want to know.

But this date was important even before Liz came into it. A handful of years before Liz’s birth, my own mother was born. So truly–I would not exist if not for this day. My mom is one in a million. She puts up with me and my sister with more patience and generosity than we deserve. We are very lucky.

A very happy birthday to my Liz and my mom. Love you both dearly.

(AND our friend from high school, Lisa, also shares this birthday! Happy birthday, Lisa!!)


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  1. Yay!! I have gotten quite bad at looking at blogs but this annual tradition makes me SO HAPPY. I love you! Happy Birthday Mom B!

    • I am glad you enjoy it!! The one thing that doing this has shown me: there are VERY few photos of the two of us together from the last 10ish years. We need to fix this so I have a good photo for next year!

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