Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve

A great part of one of my work projects is getting outside and “discovering” places that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Like Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve. It is one of many county parks in Kitsap County, but a little more out of the way than some. A hidden gem, really.


You have to park at the top of a ridge and hike down to the estuary where Boyce Creek flows into the Hood Canal at Guillemot (Frenchmen’s) Cove.

If you walk down the access road as we did, you’ll pass an old abandoned barn (one of my favorite things).




Then you continue on to the salt marsh full of marsh grasses, cattails, and juvenile fish.




The trail isn’t especially clear as it has to be adjusted for the changing stream channel. Parts of the stream had pieces of lumber across them–but they weren’t too deep so I just walked through. Less chance of falling that way.

The beach trail comes out at an abandoned beach house with an incredible view.



We walked up and down the beach collecting our data and enjoying the scenery. It’s tough work.






We even saw a super young otter! (Or something that looked like one…) Can you spot it?


We took Margaret’s Trail back up to the car… it’s a bit steeper than the access road, but so pretty! You walk through moss covered trees and lots of ferns and huckleberries. I even found a few deer ferns, which I love.


There are a few other short trails on the map for the nature reserve, but we didn’t explore them this time. Just a reason to go back! :)


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  1. i love it. i say take some family pics of jake, sj and i…fall weariing peacoats maybe. your pics are so beautiful. i heart you.

    • Thanks, Nat!! I heart you, too–tons! I’d LOVE to take pictures of you and the fam! Especially if it meant getting to spend time with you three!

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