Smallwood’s Harvest

My favorite thing about going to dog shows (other than spending time with our friends) is discovering new places. Many of those places tend to be antique stores… we all know by now that I am a bit obsessed with antiquing. But that’s not the point of this post…

Besides a few (AWESOME) antique stores that we found on our trip to the Wenatchee area… we also stopped in at an amazing fruit-stand-esque store: Smallwood’s Harvest.

Smallwood’s reminded me a bit of DeMille’s Farm Market in Salmon Arm, BC. They had a petting zoo, a maze, a “cow train”…


And of course lots of lovely, lovely fruit…


If it was closer to Thanksgiving I would have totally picked up an “apple pie box” full of Macintosh, Golden, and Jonathan apples.




They also sold “mixed fruit” boxes… such a great idea for those of us that tend to be indecisive!


The store itself had many more temptations… lots of different sauces (BBQ, spaghetti, dressing, etc.), pickled goodies, honey, jams and jellies… and most of them had samplers out! Again, brilliant.

I just wish we had more time there to wander around and explore!

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    • Oh I am quite envious if you have a place like this down from where you live! I wish I did! Haha I think the sign for the cow train said that adults must accompany kids under 2 years old, but I’m not sure if adults could go without a kid! I’m not going to lie… I was tempted!

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