robot for riot

Have I mentioned that I know quite a few ladies that are expecting in the next 5-ish months? Well, I do.

Robot Love (WIP)

My friend Chelsea is one of those lovely ladies. I went to high school with Chelsea’s older sister, Ashley, and became friends with Chels through her. Then Chelsea started working at the vet clinic our family uses so we got to know her even better.

Chelsea is awesome. She reminds me of my own sister… maybe that’s why I like her so much.


Chelsea is expecting a baby boy that they will call “Riot” at the end of November. They have decided to go with a vintage robot theme for his room… so I decided to whip up something more personal than just what was on their registry. Because I can’t help myself.


I picked up a canvas from Joann Fabrics for a few dollars plus a bunch of acrylic paint (on sale!) after asking Chels what colors they were using in addition to the robot theme.


Then I went to town. I sketched out a general idea on a scrap piece of paper first, but the actual design was completely free-handed onto the canvas.

Once I was satisfied with the painting I sealed it and then added some fun glitter glue to the details… the “lights” and the little electric bolts.


I think he turned out pretty cute! Almost makes me want to re-do my own room with some robots…



7 responses to “robot for riot

  1. oh Sarah B. i love this painting almost as much as i love you. riot is so lucky to have this his whole life.

    (you should write him a little note on the back – if you haven’t already done that)

    • Aww thanks, Laura!! I wish I had thought to write a note on the back… that would have been a great idea. I did remember to sign it, though! I had it hanging next to my door (I just happened to have a hook there so it was perfect) and it was difficult taking it down to wrap up for Chelsea and Riot…

      • At least he’ll know who it was from :)

        I think your hook needs a Sarah B. painting. Maybe not of robots, but I’m sure you can come up with something.

    • I know, right?! I keep thinking it’s going to be funny if Riot turns out to be super subdued and quiet as a child. I love that they decided to go with a more unique theme!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little painting. It was my favorite gift that she received. You are so amazing to take the time to do this for her (and Riot). It looks fantastic in his room! You never cease to amaze me with your talent and creativity.

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