Little Red and Bowls

I have this little “goal”… maybe “goal” isn’t quite the right word, but whatever. I want to have all (or most) of the art/photos in my home be from people I know or local artists. But I’ve expanded that “goal” to include unique finds, like the print I found at an estate sale on Bainbridge Island.

So now I keep a look-out for interesting art and prints whenever I go into an antique or thrift store. Most of the time I don’t find anything worth taking home.

I looked at a binder of prints in one of the vendor spaces at the Antique Mall at Cashmere. Two of the prints stuck in my mind. One was a black and white sketch of a fisherman in his boat with a few halibut. I loved it, but it didn’t really “fit” with my home. The other was a Little Red Riding Hood print. I left them both and continued browsing through other vendor spaces, but I kept thinking about them.


I ended up going back to get the Little Red Riding Hood print. It was in great condition and only $2.50. (The same booth had the less expensive cornflower milk glass mug I mentioned here–only $3.50 compared to $10 in other spaces.)


The ladies at the store were super nice and found some cardboard to wrap up the print to help protect it. (Love great customer service!)

I also picked up three milk glass bowls that were all less than $3 each.


Two are Federal bowls with bands around the top. (I saw others in the store going for $5 each, and more scratched up than the ones I purchased.) The other is more rounded with a rim, but no marking so I’m not sure what it is.


I love them.

Now I just need to decide what frame to use with the Little Red print… and where to put it!


5 responses to “Little Red and Bowls

  1. That’s a really nice idea; your home will be filled with little stories. Very cute print also.

    Good luck with your findings

    • Thank you! That’s one of the things that I already love about my home… the little stories. :)

    • Thanks, Ashley! Milk glass is something I always keep my eye open for when I go out thrifting/antiquing… I’ve got a nice little collection now!

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