embracing fall

I don’t remember the last time I visited a pumpkin patch… years. At least. I did go to a corn maze my freshman year of college, but I don’t think they had pumpkins–if they did, we didn’t pick any.

In fact, I think the last time I even carved a pumpkin was my freshman year of college!

Clearly my visit to Carleton Farm was long over due–both for pumpkin picking purposes and to spend some time with dear friends.


Carleton Farm was much more than what we anticipated. Not only did they have a huge pumpkin field, but they also had a corn maze, a plywood maze for little kids, a market, pumpkin cannons, hay rides, a tractor train for kids, you-pick flowers (mostly dahlias–one of my faves!), farm animals, an awesome playground, and a whole barn full of kid activities (you had to pay to go in so I don’t know what it was really all about).

I tried their pulled pork sandwich… meh. It was ok. The bread got super soggy so I couldn’t pick it up. I just ate the meat with a fork. I don’t think it was worth the $7 I paid for it, but I needed nourishment.


After checking out the little market we continued to the main feature: the pumpkin patch. We had to make it to the outer reaches of the field to get to the good pumpkins. At first it was difficult finding any quality specimens.


But then Kelly found two that had to go home with her, and I found one I liked (but needed some cleaning with a pumpkin leaf).



Then Kelly and Erin’s two somehow turned into five (or more)…



There were so many pumpkins! It was hard to choose just one (or two…)


I ended up finding four that I liked…


I managed to narrow my selection down to just three and Kelly and Erin got some help to get their selection back down to a manageable five pumpkins.



It was lots of fun! Poor Jeff still ended up manning the wheelbarrow even though he and May didn’t pick any pumpkins themselves.


He’s such a good sport.


I think visiting a pumpkin patch will be added to my yearly to-do list. It was such a great way to spend a relaxed afternoon with friends and it helped me to embrace the fall season! (The pumpkin spice latte I had later that day helped, too. Yum!) Now I just have to decide what to do with my pumpkins… oh decisions…


3 responses to “embracing fall

  1. We have a farm like this right down the road from us. It is so much fun to visit…and shop…and play…Hey look at this one over here…wait how about this one…and this one…this is a really nice one…aaaarrrggghhhh I can’t stop!!!

  2. Dang, girl. You look good. You need pics of yourself on your blog more often. And now I need to go to a pumpkin patch

    • You’re too sweet, Annaliese. :) I’ll see what I can do to get more photos of me on here… it’s difficult since I’m usually the one with the camera! This particular trip my friend Jeff “stole” my camera and actually got a few of me in there. It was kind of nice–although weird not to have camera in hand!

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