i like vancouver

I got to attend an awesome conference last week… the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. I learned so much–I’m still digesting it all!

While the conference itself was amazing, I don’t have any photos to share from it. However, my colleagues and I took some time to explore Vancouver a little bit and of course I snapped a few photos with my trusty iPhone!


I was on the 15th floor of the hotel… with amazing views of the churches across the street and the city beyond. I spent a lot of time staring out those windows!






Two of my colleagues/friends and I decided to take a walk down to False Creek and the boardwalk after a day full of sessions and being inside. We desperately needed some fresh air! We walked longer than any of us had intended, but it was well worth it. (I thought so, anyway!)


Vancouver has a bunch of random art pieces all around the city. The one above is a very industrial looking piece with historic photos… I’m still not quite sure what the one below is supposed to be. I just called it The Alien. (Part due to the fact that we saw what looked like a spaceship a few minutes before.)






We attended a reception at the Vancouver Aquarium the last evening of the conference. It was awesome to be able to walk around when it was closed to the public! We were only allowed on the main floor of exhibits, which was a bummer, but we were still enthralled with all there was to see. (We also saw sleeping otters and frolicking whales/dolphins of some kind.)

IMG_0357After the aquarium we walked around town a bit more to soak up what we could of the city experience. I can’t wait to go back and explore even more!



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    • It truly is! These photos don’t do it justice. I think I took some others on my little camera… I’ll have to find them to share, too.

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