cool apples

I take photos of a lot of random things. And I love it all.


Weddings, babies, my friends, my critters, pretty things I see, gross looking jelly fish. I’ve done a bit of it all. Even a golf tournament fund-raiser!

Much of the time I take photos with an eye for art… I think about what I would like to see hanging on my own walls, what would look nice printed on canvas. (Which reminds me, I still need to pick some photos and actually get them on my walls…)

Winesap Apples

Of course, everyone has different tastes. Often times my favorite photo of a wedding or a maternity session is different than the bride or mother’s favorite photo. My favorite photo of a bunch of apples might be different from someone else’s.

That being said, it is always nice to know that someone else might want to hang one of my photos for others to see and enjoy, even if it is not necessarily my favorite photo from a series.

Like this one:


I still like this photo. I love that they put together “apple pie” boxes of apples. Would I print it for my own wall? Probably not.

But the cool thing? That’s totally cool beans apples? Someone likes it enough to contact me about using it in a retail store as wall art, printed on old barn wood. To say I’m flattered is an understatement for sure.


And it also serves as yet another reminder that we all see things differently. We all have different priorities, find meaning in different things. It is something that I try to keep in mind when I take photos for other people. I try to capture it all, hoping that at least one photo will capture a little moment that means something special. Maybe even something worthy of printing and hanging on a wall somewhere.


3 responses to “cool apples

  1. Look at you, all snazzy and professional! You should go take a picture of your picture hanging on the wall their store. Also you should agree to taking some baby pics of Carter when we come up for Christmas:)

    • Haha I am totally planning on it! I’m going to be that weird girl, taking a picture of a picture I took!

    • Oh, and YES to Carter pictures!! Any excuse to see you and finally meet the new little man!

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