Festival of Trees

I went to the Festival of Trees in Tacoma last weekend with a friend of mine. (Sorry for the poor photos… I opted not to take my “big” camera and just made due with my iPhone!)

I had never been to this Festival of Trees event before… I didn’t really know what to expect beyond lots of theme-decorated trees, like this rustic garden themed one:

Complete with a rustic table, greenhouse…

… and a goat statue:

Years ago I volunteered at our local Festival of Trees through one of the clubs I belonged to in high school. I was tasked with a few different things, including working in the kids’ craft area, which was great… but the one task that really sticks out in my mind was when I had to dress up as one of the costumed characters and walk around the event. I was Frosty. It was awful.

The costumes were super hot with no air movement. Plus the head piece was HUGE–so big that I had to have one hand holding it up the entire time while peering out the mesh mouth in feeble attempts to see the kids that would run up and hug me. Thankfully all of the characters had “guides” to take us around. My friend would have to tell me when a kid was hugging me… awkward and uncomfortable doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. But, oddly enough, it was still fun.

I was slightly disappointed that the Tacoma Festival of Trees didn’t have any costumed characters wandering around.

Scratch that. We did see Ronald McDonald. It was frightening.

Oh, if you’re unfamiliar with Festival of Trees events… the idea is that a bunch of people and organizations donate elaborately decorated trees, typically with a theme, and people bid on them at a special gala. All of the proceeds from this particular event benefited the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. So yeah, a good cause. But these people aren’t just bidding on pretty ornaments… a good portion of the tree’s/displays included “extras”. Like a car. Or a boat. Or trips. Or a NY Broadway sign.

One of my favorites was this tree:

It’s kind of hard to tell, but it’s a farm-theme, decorated with plastic veggies and surrounded by farm-stuff. Including a barn-shaped shed.

It was a lot of fun. The day we were there they had performances by a few different local kid orchestras and symphonies, which I loved, plus some dance performances. I loved looking at all the trees, getting ideas for my own.

Festival of Trees

If only I could trust the cat NOT to take ornaments off the tree… ha, like that’s gonna happen!!

Festival of Trees


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