tea, tea, tea

Every now and then I get in a mood to hardcore clean. It doesn’t last for super long so I have to take advantage and do all that I can while it lasts!

The mood struck me somewhat recently… partly just because, but also partly to avoid thinking too much. This cleaning craze included moving my couches to vacuum under them–where I found Louie the Terror Kitty’s stash of “toys” he’s stolen from me. Including 7 boxes of ear plugs, 4 things of chapstick, a few pencils and pens, a roll of stamps, and two of his toy mice.

Then I moved into the kitchen and decided to reorganize a couple of the cabinets. This is what I wanted to share with you… I think I have a problem:

Tea Overload

I have a small amount of tea (and a little bit of hot chocolate, but not much).

And that’s not even all of it. I keep my copper bins under this cabinet… 3 of the 4 have more tea in them. The 4th has some coffee, just in case I have company that prefers coffee to tea.

But I drink it all! Some more than others (hence the 3 1-pound bags in the back), of course, but I use it all.

What can I say? I love tea.

Harney & Sons is my favorite tea blenders (thanks, Laura!). You should check them out if you haven’t already! I love their Paris, Florence, and Holiday Tea blends–all flavored black teas. I also love Bangkok, Dragon Pearl Jasmine, and many others.

I’ve also been drinking a lot of “get some zzz’s” from The Republic of Tea. It’s a pleasant rooibos tea from their Be Well Red Tea line that is perfect for helping me wind down at night.

So, I’m curious… are you a tea drinker? Do you have any favorites that I should try?