M and M Antiques

M & M Antiques in Monroe, WA was an unexpected surprise. Mom and I stopped in after a great breakfast at the Hitching Post Cafe and found lots of great items.

Like this little crescent stove for $32:

Mini Stove

And I just loved the look of these old art brushes:


Maybe I’ll start collecting some brushes to display on my desk… so many ideas! They also had a whole tub full of old yard sticks, just waiting for an awesome project. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy them when I knew I would want to cut them up.

One of the vendors had lots of old instruments…


and another had a bunch (a flock?) of ducks…


One of my favorite “finds” at the store was this “Kitty Kat Cup Ball” game.

Kitty Kat Cup Ball

It claims to be not only amusing, but also thrilling.

We didn’t purchase anything this time, but it was still a great place to wander around. We stopped in at a couple of the other antique stores on the block–but M&M was by far our favorite.

M&M Antiques and Collectibles
119 West Main Street
Monroe, WA

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