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My cousin Erin had a baby in November. She and her hubby, Marcus, decided to not find out the gender of their little one until he or she was born. It made it challenging to find cute things for the babe since everything on the market is so gender-specific (very pink or very blue).

30 Rows

I wanted to introduce “Jerry”– the knitting project I’d been working on for a few weeks for Erin and Marcus’s little one. I finished well before the shower, but I didn’t want to share him here yet on the off chance they might peek and see him before the shower!


I purchased the pattern for Jerry the Musical Monkey from DangerCrafts on Etsy. (I also bought four other designs that are on my to-make list.) I am no expert knitter and had to look up a few things online, but overall the pattern was easy to follow.

The only real issue I had was when I left my knitting bag on the floor one night and awoke the next morning to find that Louie the Terror Kitty decided to play with Jerry… somehow he had taken the needles out but didn’t undo too many stitches (I think).

Keeping track of the number of rows was also iffy… one ear is slightly larger and one leg ended up being longer than the other (but I improvised when putting him together so you can’t tell).



Oh, and one more issue… once he was finished I wanted to keep him for myself!


He’s just way too cute! I can’t wait to tackle the other Dangercrafts toys!

(PS. Erin and Marcus welcomed a little girl, Ellarue Mazely, on November 8! I haven’t met her yet, but I can’t wait!)


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    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it! Knitting is a lot of fun… I took a little break after Jerry, but I’ve started another project last night. I can’t wait to share!

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