Aplets and Cotlets

I know not everyone likes them, but I do. We couldn’t pass up visiting the Aplets and Cotlets factory when we were in Cashmere, WA for a dog show in September! We even went on a tour! Unfortunately the employees just started their lunch break when we went through, but it was still cool. We even had got to wear hair nets!


This kitchen would be awesome to have… but not to clean.






The final products…


Don’t know what Aplets and Cotlets are? Check out the story behind Liberty Orchard’s candies here.


4 responses to “Aplets and Cotlets

    • It was a lot of fun! I wish the workers had been in there when we went through, though. Next time maybe! ;)

    • Some people love them, others not so much. I like them a lot! They have other things, too… we tried the chocolate covered ones and weren’t fans. They were just weird.

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