Port Townsend Antique Mall

Mom and I went on a little adventure to Port Townsend awhile back. Part of the adventure took us to a lovely little park that Laura told me about… and the other part took us to a few shops in town, including the Port Townsend Antique Mall.

It was another no-buy adventure, but still had some great finds… like these sweet little swig glasses:


One of them has a teapot on it! And the other has a spinning wheel! Love them!

This flour table was also really cool…


Too bad the flour drawers were rusted out in places.


Then, my favorite find…


Kiddle Komedy Theater. It’s a little puppet show from Mattel!


The “kids” move using the sticks and clap their hands when the button is compressed, and spin when the trigger is pulled. (Or maybe that’s the other way around…)

I don’t understand the creepy background, though.


My mom had to drag me away from this thing. It was so random and awesome I couldn’t help but laugh.


The Port Townsend Antique Mall is worth a visit if you’re in the area. Another interesting feature is their mini exhibit of artifacts found during the development of the area from the site of an old Chinatown that used to be there. I had no idea.


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