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I used to draw a lot when I was younger… mostly in grade school. I would draw things for projects (there’s a map of Hawaii I did in the fourth grade that I still think is pretty awesome), I would do clothing “designs,” fairies, still life drawings of things around the house, etc.

Then I got older, had new interests, and more activities to fill my time. Drawing quickly became a lower priority. I’m slowly, ever so slowly, starting to pick it up again.

I did some drawing and watercolors last year of birds


That was the first time in years I’d really drawn anything, and I hadn’t done anything more until just recently when I was encouraged to practice a bit.

I started with another bird (a mute swan) using the same field guide I used for the watercolor birds as a reference…

Mute Swan

Then I tried my hand at a dahlia, based on a photo I took at the Silverdale Post Office last fall…


And finally Louie, again based on a photo, as well as the actual model since he was sitting with me at the time (and kept trying to sit on TOP of my sketch book). I only did half his face…


I think I may have just re-added another hobby to my very long list!

(Also, a VERY happy birthday to my dear, dear friend Sara!)


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  1. You have a lot of talent for that talent to be sitting on a shelf collecting dust, I’m glad to see that you decided to use it again! Excited to see future art from you.

    • A very sincere THANK YOU! I really appreciate it! Especially after taking a look at your work… just lovely. I hope to have more art to share soon. :)

    • Thanks Rhonda!! I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement–and I love sharing my adventures with you.

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