DIY Built-Ins II: The First Purchase

This is going to be a long project. It took me well over a month to purchase the cabinets after I took off the chair rail, baseboard, and came up with my little sketched plans.


I now have four unfinished cabinets chilling in my garage!! I went with 2 30″x36″ cabinets for the sides and 2 12″x36″ cabinets for the window seat (originally I planned on 2 12″x30″ cabinets for the window seat).

They are super exciting looking… something like this:

And this:

Except they have cardboard bands keeping the doors closed, and they’re sitting in my garage surrounded by other random stuff and projects that I have to finish/start. (Like my trunk. Someday…)

The best part? I used a coupon! Saved me a whopping $33! If I had done more planning, I would have purchased some of the other supplies at the same time… but life happened and I figured getting the cabinets at 10% off before my coupon expired was better than nothing.

My costs so far:

  • (2) 30″x36″ Cabinets at $97 each, 10% off = $174.60
  • (2) 12″x”36″ Cabinets at $68 each, 10% off = $122.40
  • Tax = $25.54
  • Total = $322.54 (saved $33)

Next to figure out… supplies needed to build the platform for the cabinets to sit on. Then start building that sucker.

(I hope that you will be much more efficient in your project building than I am for this one… it will get done, I know, but ever so slowly, piece by piece.)