family treasures

My mom and I spent some time salvaging some water damaged storage boxes from my grandmother’s basement a little while back. (The same water leak damaged the trunk we rescued, that I have yet to work on. It is still sitting in my garage… just waiting.) The boxes we went through belonged to my grandfather’s mother.


Unfortunately a lot of the stuff was damaged beyond saving. Books were covered in types of mold I’d never seen before–just thinking about it still grosses me out. I am sure we should have been wearing face masks… or hazmat suits. (Thankfully the books didn’t include my great grandmother’s journal or any other super personal items.)



My great grandmother did a lot of embroidery and crocheting. We found a stash of embroidery floss, needles, and even some bits of lace projects.



We were able to save some table linens she had embroidered, too–look at that edging! She did all that! A table cloth and a set of napkins! I can’t imagine having the patience to do that type of project.


There’s also this little piece (I couldn’t get the stains out completely):


And this great lace table cloth:


I don’t want to just store these things in yet another box–I want to use them, enjoy them. The challenge is how to do so without being more old fashioned than I really am. For now, the lace table cloth covers my little tea table quite nicely and makes for a lovely background for my succulent…


And the little round piece goes perfectly under my glass jug of Ponderosa pine cones.


There were some other fun finds, like my great grandmother’s banking book (I had never seen anything like it) and letters from her sister. Made me want to start writing letters again, just because.

It’s no secret that I enjoy antiquing, but it adds a whole new level of awesome when the items link back to someone in my own family, someone I know very little about beyond stories and the few little items from their life.


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  1. so inspiring those old family treasures. it’s amazing what tiny yarn and thread women knit and crocheted with 40+ years ago. they would have never put a baby in a chunky sweater.

  2. That photo with the succulent is sooo beautiful Sarah! I want it in my house! Seriously, I love old things too, but they are so much cooler when they are from family members. I loved digging through old boxes at my grandparents’ house when I was a little girl. It’s like finding treasure. What special linens. :)

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