copper in the family

Apparently my great grandmother liked copper, too!


My mom and I found these four little copper molds while going through the water damaged boxes that once belonged to my grandfather’s mother. (Along with the embroidery floss and other goodies.) I have acquired a few copper pieces or ten-ish over the past couple of years, so these little four would fit right in.


I cleaned them up as best as I could and they looked almost brand new, except for the little corroded chip areas on a couple of them.

It’s difficult to tell, but these four are thinner and a bit more pink in color than my other copper pieces–like this little pig mold:


Since they’re a little different I didn’t want to put them next to the other pieces–hoping the differences wouldn’t be noticeable. I knew the perfect spot (please ignore the cluttered counters, I was too eager to get them up!)…





(The pig mold lives above the kitchen sink, below my tea tag art.)


Not too shabby.


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  1. I love what you have done with your house. I have got to make it over there to see you.

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