I’ve Been Pinned!

I like to check out my stats on WordPress on occassion to see how people have made it over to my little piece of the internet, what they view, etc.

This time I got a surprise: people have come via PINTEREST!

I’ve been pinned!!

It made my day just that much sweeter. (It really is the little things…)

My window frame mirrors have been pinned… wish I could take credit for making them myself, but alas they are just great finds from one of my favorite antique stores, Olde Central Antique Mall in Port Orchard.


My kitchen island, one of my favorite home DIY projects, was pinned…


And a handful of photos/ideas/inspiration from the wedding of my good friends John and Tina! Their wedding was GORGEOUS and had so many great details–absolutely worthy of pinning!






Yet another reason why Pinterest is so addicting…


5 responses to “I’ve Been Pinned!

  1. Well, isn’t that exciting! My florist pinned a photo from our wedding so it showed up on Facebook, I was like thrilled!! Gosh, that kitchen island is so pin worthy….

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