reluctant spring

It might be a little hard to believe, but Spring is indeed here. Threats of snow, dreary days, and darkness have made me reluctant to admit it. Finally, almost two weeks into April, I give in.

These guys may have helped:

Spring Bunnies

Yup, Taylor found more bunnies this year. I was mowing my lawn (I know, shocking!!) and noticed that Tay was playing with something–what I thought was a ball. But this ball didn’t roll and was a strange brown color, not the yellow, blue, green, or orange of his miscellaneous toys. Then it quickly clicked: it was a bunny, NOT a ball! I stopped the mower and rushed over to Tay and his new little friend where I found a second little bunny. My neighbor had been trimming his blackberries and probably flushed them out into my yard. Hopefully they don’t stick around like last year’s bunnies… but even those little guys finally left.

All the fresh fruit may also be helping my acceptance of spring… my I have missed fresh melon! So yummy! (I devoured my watermelon before thinking to snap a photo. THAT’S how wonderful it was.)

Spring Melon

And of course, CHOCOLATE. (I kinda like how this photo turned out… gotta love Instagram!)

Spring Chocolate

I made a chocolate chunk loaf with peanut butter spread (discovered via Pinterest) for Easter brunch this year. The loaf was dense but so good. With a whole cup of dark chocolate baking cocoa, how can you go wrong?

Speaking of delicious things from Pinterest, I also made some cheddar garlic biscuits recently. I picked up some clam chowder from Central Market to go with them… makes for a delicious and easy meal! The biscuits were good enough to make again.

Cheddar Garlic Biscuits

Biscuits and Chowder

I hadn’t been using Pinterest much lately, but after making these two yummy things I might get back into it! So dangerously inspiring.

Hm this post turned from “yay SPRING!” to “yay PINTEREST!” Oh well.


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