it’s always sunny in port townsend

My love of Port Townsend shouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point… I’ve posted about this great town many times before. A few weeks ago I took my pup and The Boy up to explore and visit Fort Worden. (I’m hoping to get as much use out of my Discovery Pass by visiting lots of state parks this year!)


Our adventure started downtown with a little walk and lunch from a hotdog stand… super yummy. Taylor whined whenever we paused–he wanted to check everything out, see the many other dogs walking around, look for ducks in the water, etc.

After lunch we drove up to Fort Worden. Taylor was super excited to walk along the beach and chase his ball… and greet anyone that came near.




Once Taylor went wandering more often than bringing the ball back we decided it was time to explore the bunkers! Somehow I had never explored them before. I’ve been to Fort Worden many times with my family growing up, but I guess we just stuck to the beach. Needless to say, I was excited!



I hope you are, too… because there are a bunch of photos I want to share with you! But I am going to save them for another post. :)

After we had our fill of the bunkers we wanted to check out the little marine science center out on the pier, but it was closing just as we got out there. Instead we wandered the dock and enjoyed the great views of Mt. Baker…




I thought these compass tiles on the pier were cool! Gives me ideas for some DIY-ness…


It was another wonderful, gorgeous (but chilly!) day spent in Port Townsend.


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    • I would love that!! I’ve never been to the PT market, but we did pass it on our way out there. It looked pretty awesome!

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