spring is still here

Last year it was baby bunnies. Then Taylor found two more this year.



Tay was going CRAZY outside. I thought perhaps one of the neighborhood dogs came by, but when I looked outside I didn’t see anything. No dogs. No cats. No cars or people. Just Taylor whining, barking, and a little bit of the infamous Toller-scream… and something moving down by the neighbor’s fence.

Curious, I went to check it out–but grabbed my little point-and-shoot first. (Hind-sight, I should have just grabbed my DSLR!) And yes, the thought crossed my mind that it might not be the smartest thing to go check out a mysterious creature armed with only a camera. (Spoiler: I survived.)

Turned out that the “mystery creature” was a momma Mallard and her three little ducklings!



I soooo wish I had my DSLR at this point! To zoom in and to make better use of the light. But I am just glad I grabbed a camera at all!


I did run back inside to grab the DSLR, hoping they would still be there…



But they had gone on their way.


I just hope they made it somewhere safe and didn’t have any run-ins with the neighborhood dogs, cats, coyotes, etc!

I was thinking “what next?!” and had the horrible thought of baby opossums. I really hope I don’t come across any… I’ll take bunnies and ducklings any day!

Baby coyotes might make me nervous, too.


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