in the stars


The Earth in my body; My head is in the stars

The Earth is my mind; My thoughts are in the stars

– Dude Dialect

I don’t know what/who Dude Dialect is, but after a quick search it turns out the first part is from Harold and Maude! Love that movie.

The more I wander Tacoma, the better I like it. This photo-walk started at the Tacoma Dome Station parking garage, then we took the Tacoma Link into downtown to walk around and explore a bit…





We walked across the Chihuly Bridge of Glass to the Museum of Glass (but didn’t go inside). We saw a wedding party getting photos taken and two different couples getting engagement photos taken! It’s a prime spot! (I took some engagement photos for John and Tina in this area in November, 2010!)



We don’t see clear blue skies like this too often this time of year…




I loved playing with the sun and these glass sculptures! (Note how different these photos are compared to the first photo of the same sculpture above–fifth photo of the post!) I may have taken a large handful of photos of them. A VERY large handful.


LOVE it!


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  1. Very nice photos. I would love to visit Washington…made it as far as Spokane but that was only for an hour and had to head back to Idaho.

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