things that make me smile, vol. 10

Wow. This is my TENTH “things that make me smile” post!

1. New ‘Do’s. I go as long as I possibly can between hair cuts, often resorting to trimming my own bangs and sometimes even giving myself all around cuts. It’s a dangerous game to play with no training. I went for over a year without getting a “real” hair cut then caved in January… and just got another in May. Having a nice, fresh cut that I actually like never fails to make me smile. (I also kinda like that weird feeling that hair is missing when I run my fingers through it…)


2. Sunbursts. Well, sun in general. I’ve been slightly obsessed with playing with the sun lately when I’m out taking photos. It’s just so much FUN! Doesn’t hurt that I come away with some neat photos, too.


3. Planning my outdoor spaces. I have been spending most of my time lately focused on my garden, yard, etc. Pinterest has been a HUGE inspiration… like this awesome pallet “garden” below. I just happen to have a pallet still from my block delivery as well as some terracotta pots sitting around. This needs to happen.


4. Succulents. I love them. Most especially because they are hard to kill!! Perfect for an inexperienced gardener with big dreams like myself. (I have plans for a bunch of succulents, too! Not quite like the tiered planter below, but I still love the idea.)


5. Laser pointers. Because this is my TENTH “things that make me smile” I figure I should end on a super-smile-worthy note. (This video is longer than I’d like but I couldn’t figure out how to edit it yet–also my first time recording with my phone and/or posting videos here. So many firsts!!) Enjoy. :)

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2 responses to “things that make me smile, vol. 10

  1. I really like the new hair…very cute! I also like how you have made the pallet and old fountain into planters. Great idea!! Cool glass and funny video too!!!

    • Thank you!! I’m loving how little shampoo I have to use now! ;) I haven’t done the pallet thing myself… yet! I have an old pallet I am just itching to use, though. It’s on the list!

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