cheap date

One of our go-to, (usually) inexpensive dates/way to spend time together is store wandering. We’ll look at random stuff, maybe pick up a few things we need, but mostly just enjoy the time with each other.

Some of my favorite aisles to explore are the toys and games. I like the nostalgia, reminiscing about toys I recognize, being shocked about how much they’ve changed, and the crazy toys/games they have these days.

My favorite to date:


Doggie Doo. “When you gotta go you gotta go!”

Oh yes, they’ve made a game out of picking up dog doo.


“Feed and walk you little pup, when he makes a mess you clean it up!”

Catchy, right? Maybe if my parents got this when we were kids we would have been excited about picking up after the dogs instead of seeing it for what it was–a gross (but very necessary) chore!

Maybe it is good for families thinking about getting a dog??

Also, for any current or former Barbie lovers… what’s with Ken’s new ‘do?! I much prefer the plastic gel cap of a hair style than the new “real” hair thing he’s got going on.

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2 responses to “cheap date

  1. You had me at “cheap date.” They have zillions of dollar stores here, full of all sorts of random crap, which are really fun to wander through and pick out something for the other person. We found about 50 Barbies in our attic when we moved in, so even my great-grandkids will be set for life. But I will have to go take a gander at this new ‘do.

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