Dog Day at the Market!

Dog Day at the Bremerton Farmers Market last week was a lot of fun! It was gorgeous out (maybe a little too sunny for photos, but I made it work), lots of great people, lots of great dogs, and lots of goodies from the market vendors. I didn’t get a chance to shop myself… I was a little busy capturing some great photos!


I picked up a bunch of props for the photo booth and made a few, too. Sunny is modeling one of my veggie headbands (veggies and fruit from a $3 set from Walmart glued to a medium-wide headband), a felt mustache I whipped up, and a great tie-dye dog scarf from one of the market vendors, Anything But White!


Miss Fancy is modeling an apron from Made in Manette (another great market vendor–I have one of her aprons and some soap, both which I love!) and showing off her mad skilz holding a wooden spoon and exclaiming her love for BFM (Bremerton Farmers Market).


Bruce Wayne was a little tricky to photograph. He wouldn’t stop moving! There were too many things to see to sit still! We put him in a wooden box (picked up from an antique store) with some colorful bandannas in the hopes it would contain him some.


Sera is a looker. She wore those red glasses like she dressed up everyday, it was nothing new. The glances over the rim of the glasses were priceless! I’m sure she intended it as more of a “what are you guys doing to me,” but I’m still going to pretend she was doing it with saucy attitude.


This little cutie was so scared, I snapped a few quick photos so she could get back to the safety of her mom’s arms!

Many of the pups opted out of props and relied on their own natural good looks to make the photo…





Want to see even more fun cuteness? Check out the album on Facebook here.

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