Port Angeles and Lake Crescent

John, Taylor, and I took a mini vacation to the Olympic Peninsula weekend before last. It was a short trip–just three days, but so very needed. It was so wonderful to just get away! Being away from the house meant that it did no good to think about all the things that needed to be done or that I should be doing… like the grass that always needs to be mowed, gardens to weed, projects to work on, chores, etc. I could just turn that part of my mind off and enjoy being with my boys and take in all the beauty around me.

Day One, Friday, took us through Port Angeles, where we stopped for lunch and admired the sand sculptures in the works for the festivities over the coming weekend. We also walked out on the dock to take some photos and Taylor became a star… so many people came over to say hello to him, to ask questions about him, and give him some love. He soaked it up! My favorite encounter was with a couple young boys. They tried petting Taylor over the head, which caused him to back away. I told them it’s better to let the dog smell your hand, then pet under their head so it’s not so scary. We continued walking around, then saw the same boy and a different friend. The first boy told his friend how to pet Taylor under the head instead of on top–he remembered! He got a gold star.







From Port Angeles we continued on our way to Crescent Lake where we stopped at the Lodge for some photos and a brief walk with Taylor along the lake’s edge. There were people around, but not overly crowded, which was nice. There was a wedding later in the afternoon, so we also spied the decked out bridal party wandering the grounds. It’s definitely a beautiful site for a wedding! I could have easily claimed one of the many chairs on the lake, a good book, and relaxed next to the lake for the whole afternoon. Or maybe take one of the guided trips around the lake in a kayak… or gone on a hike to Marymere Falls! I wouldn’t mind going back and spending more time around Lake Crescent!







JulyCoast-32Next stop: Forks to check into our hotel (we opted to get a regular room, not one of the Twilight themed rooms) and Ruby Beach!


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