Ruby Beach

Day one started with Port Angeles and Lake Crescent, then continued onto Forks and Ruby Beach!

I love Ruby Beach. I can’t believe I had never been before this little trip! After checking into our hotel in Forks (we stayed there because it was central to the places we wanted to go that weekend) we picked up some food from the grocery store and headed out to Ruby Beach to enjoy part of the sunset.


It’s a short little hike down to the beach from the parking lot, and pretty easy. The hardest part was convincing Taylor that he didn’t have to mark every.single.tree and rock on the way down.


The beach itself is mostly flat river rocks with some sand mixed in. My favorite part was the large, jagged rocks (seamounts!) off the coast and watching the incoming tide crash into them. I could have stayed there for hours!






It was mostly overcast, but still quite bright. It made it difficult to photograph the water and rocks, but it was still fun trying.


The other challenge: holding Taylor’s leash in one hand while trying to keep the camera steady. He was so excited to see other dogs–and then he spotted pieces of driftwood floating and moving around in the surf. I had no idea that he would be so enthralled with the wood pieces! There was a calmer area behind some rocks where the stream (seen in the first photo) met the ocean with some driftwood. I let him go in there for a bit, chasing pieces that I threw for him, until the bigger pieces started moving about–then I moved him into the really calm pool behind a driftwood dam where he could swim and chase without me worrying about him getting hit by a log.








Because I’m a demanding dog-mom, I made Taylor sit for some photos on the beach. I had to use a small piece of driftwood to get his attention!








There’s a bunch of large driftwood logs between the beach and the trail–I had John take Taylor across so Tay wouldn’t take me down. He enjoyed going from log to log a little too much!

JulyCoast-82It was only the first day of our little vacation and I already wanted to come back to Ruby Beach! I’d love to go back when the tide is out more–I hear it goes out pretty far.

After we had had our fill and had taken lots of photos of the rocks, water, and Taylor we started back towards the hotel. It was still relatively early and we had daylight, so when we spotted a sign for the Duncan Memorial Big Cedar Tree (the world’s largest Western Red Cedar) we figured, why not? So we turned down the road to check it out. The paved road eventually turned into gravel, and then into gravel with LOTS of BIG potholes. We drove and drove, saw a sign for the Discovery Pass and figured we were close… so we kept driving. More potholes, another sign for the tree, and even more potholes… and still no tree. After too many thoughts of flat tires and running off the road, we decided to call it and just turn around. (Did I mention neither one of us had our cell phones?) We had gone 3-4 miles from the main road but it felt much longer after dodging so many potholes. I still have no idea how close we were to the tree… and I’m not sure if I want to! (OK I just looked it up on Google Earth and Google Maps–I think we were really close. *Sigh*)

Even though we didn’t find the tree, it was still a fun spontaneous side adventure… even more so since we made it without getting a flat tire! In some ways it makes it even more memorable because we weren’t successful.

I feel like there’s something philosophical in that about the beauty in not knowing the outcome of your adventures, enjoying the journey, nothing is guaranteed… but it’s out of my grasp at the moment.

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    • Thanks! And very good! He is a Toller! Not many people would know that, I’m impressed ;)

        • That does explain it!! My boy’s dam’s owners are originally from Nova Scotia and so is our breeder! They live in the Surrey area of BC now. I’ve heard it is gorgeous there and would love to visit one day. For now, we enjoy our little piece of Nova Scotia in the Tollers. They are definitely not common out here, but we’ve met and become a part of a great community of other Toller owners from BC, Washington, and Oregon! Great dogs and people.

          • It is beautiful there! I’m sure that you would love it. I would like to have another Toller someday, but until then I will have to enjoy them from checking out your posts! I live in AB now, and I don’t think I have seen one out here yet!

          • The Canadian Toller Specialty was in Calgary, AB last year! My mom took our 3 Tollers up for it… my goodness it was gorgeous! It’s a bit of a long drive, but I really want to go back and explore Banff more. We didn’t get much time to really savor it.

    • If you ever make it out to Washington State, a trip to the coast is an absolute must! There’s so much variety! I could easily spend all summer exploring the different beaches. Oregon has some great coastal beaches, too!

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