Cape Flattery

Day Two of our mini vacation started with a trip north to Cape Flattery, the northwesternmost point of the contiguous United States!


I checked online to see if dogs were allowed and what I found said no–but once we got there we saw a sign that said dogs were OK as long as they were on a leash. I opted to not bring Taylor with us since I didn’t know what the trail was like–and I am so glad I didn’t! The trail started as a wide dirt trail/road, but then turned into narrow boardwalk paths that made it challenging to pass people in some places.


There were quite a few people using the trails that day, along with some dogs, and I know Tay would have been super excited to see other dogs. We passed by a young couple with a baby and two dogs (one not on a leash) on one of the elevated boardwalk paths on our way back to the car… it would have been a challenge to pass one another if I had had Tay with me, to say the least.


Most of the trail down is heavily wooded but as you get closer to the point there are more side trails leading to little viewpoints of the gorgeous rocky coastline and the ocean beyond.


The day was overcast, but still amazing.






I got a kick out of the vegetation on the clifftops–you can tell they get quite a beating from the winds! (And you can see John peeking out of the trees below!)



Most of the viewpoints had nice wooden barriers and platforms to keep you from taking a misstep.



At the actually point there’s a nice wide platform that looks out towards Tatoosh Island and the lighthouse.JulyCoast-105


The bad thing about going downhill there? It’s all uphill on the way back. Really not bad, but enough to get you warm. (We saw multiple people with canes doing it as well as little kids.) The little effort it takes to get out there and back is well worth the amazing views!

(Day One we were at Port Angeles and Lake Crescent, and then Ruby Beach!)


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    • It is!! I take being so close to for granted sometimes, but so glad we made it out there. Will definitely be going back!

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