Shipwreck Point

We still had much of the afternoon before us after we finished up at Cape Flattery on the second day of our mini vacation… after a tasty lunch in Neah Bay we were on a mission to find another place to explore. I saw Shipwreck Point on the map using my phone so we set off to find it.

It isn’t well marked, at all. We just lucked out that the pull off we chose happened to have a sign telling us we were in the right spot:


We were pretty much the only people there–we saw one other family down the beach a ways, but they disappeared soon after spotting them.


The beach was covered in lots and lots of rocks, mostly sandstone that looked like Swiss cheese–lots of holes! And lots of brown seaweed and little pools full of sculpins and other critters. My kind of beach!



Since Taylor didn’t get to go on the Cape Flattery trail I made sure he got in a lot of stick chasing on the beach! (I kept the leash on him in case I needed to grab him.)






And then he discovered the seaweed…



I’m not sure what he thought it was, but it was entertaining watching him check out each little clump–and even giving it a little taste.




And then he chased some birds…


Thank goodness he stopped when I called him!

I was fascinated with all of the hole-y rocks on the beach… so interesting!




But these big rocks were a little different…


More like a conglomerate type rock of a larger grain size (and darker nearly black material) versus the sandstone of the rest of the beach.


JulyCoast-164Shipwreck Point was fun to explore! I had an easier time since I just walked in the water in my shoes–John was wearing tennis shoes so tried to keep his feet dry as much as possible. With the many little pools along the beach it proved to be a bit of a challenge.

It was our last little adventure of the mini vacation. We headed back to Forks for dinner and a relaxing evening, sleep (much more restful than the first night–no noisy neighbors and we found the fan in the room–quieter, white noise, and cooler!), and then headed home Sunday morning so John could get to work… and so I could mow my lawn of knee high weeds and begin to look forward to our next adventure.

(Day One we were at Port Angeles and Lake Crescent, and then Ruby Beach!)



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    • Thanks! He’s a keeper ;) He definitely loves the beach–but really he loves going places, doesn’t matter much where!

    • You totally should!! Well, if your schedule permits anyway, what with being on call and all. There are so many places I still want to go–including Shi Shi!

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