things that make me smile, vol. 11

1. My very first dahlia. Blooming in my own yard, from the bulbs John bought me on our third date. (He couldn’t find any blooms at the time since they were out of season–it was February.)

my first dahlia!

2. FIGS! Oh my so delicious! Especially with some goat cheese and honey. Yum!

I love figs

3. This boy.


4. And this one. (And a rare photo of me!)

my cheese

5. Rainbows and adventures.

Naruda Falls, Mt Rainier

6. Sleeping kitties. (Because it means he’s not tormenting Taylor or running around all crazy or getting on the counters or trying to eat weird things.)

I think he approves of the new day bed arrangement

7. RENT! John’s mom has season tickets to the 5th Avenue theater in Seattle. John and I got to use her tickets for Rent and it was amazing! Loved the show, loved the theater.


8. Seattle. So many great places to explore in a single city, just a short drive and ferry ride away!

until next time, Seattle

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