Theler Wetlands

I spend most of my time at work in front of a computer, but every now and then a project takes me outside in the “field”. (I use the term “field” rather loosely here since some of our sites are in the middle of a city or town, like Shelton–not what I usually think of when I hear about field visits.) One of the projects I’m currently working on requires getting access to a handful of sites along the shoreline in four different counties. The easiest areas to get access are of course public places, such as parks… which means I get to go to parks and pretty places I might not otherwise!


Theler Wetlands is one of those places. I’ve driven by it many, many times but always on my way somewhere else and never with enough time to stop to check it out. It had to go on our list for field sites! And so glad it was… I definitely plan to go back when I have more time to really take it all in! Even though we were out there working, I still managed to get some photos, but trust me… they don’t do it justice!














Theler-26Park Pros:

  • It’s free (no Discover Pass needed, no parking fees… but they do accept donations)
  • Well maintained and level trails, long enough for a great walk but short enough to take kids (and stroller friendly!)
  • Random art sculptures
  • Signs identifying plants
  • Awesome educational center
  • Beautiful!!

Park Cons:

  • No dogs allowed (but understandable, it’s a nature preserve)
  • Getting out of the parking lot can be tricky with Belfair traffic

Overall: AWESOME! I can’t wait to go back! I’d also love to go at different times throughout the year to see how the vegetation changes… and it would be an excuse to get out there more! ;)